No Captcha

I had the guys install a captcha on this site after I could no longer bare 30 spam emails a day. It was a standard captcha widget, and what it did was to reduce the number to 25 a day. It's amazing how these spambots know their business.

The death of the Shift+Reload

So… another EXIT season is beginning and we’ve started to clean up the festival’s main website. Changed some photos, added a faded overlay background and a cool autostarting promo video.

Blog one

Welcome to the Fermicoding blog section.
This is a place for informal communication, where we will share our impressions and discoveries, after an inspiring project. We’ll do that, not just because of SEO, but because we believe in sharing knowledge. It is an inconvenience that drives us forward, keeps us competitive and makes us better all round.

Caching server for a unique problem

Caching server for a unique problem

The setup:

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