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Blue Drupal 8 logo in shape of water drop

Fermicoding is a Drupal development company specialized in creating high-complexity Applications. We are open to small and simple projects as well. We use agile methodology in our development process, which lets us manage the project more efficiently and to fill you in on how it is progressing every step of the way. Our staff supports our clients through all the stages of the project life cycle. These include planning, defining the specification, design, development, testing, and post-launch… Read more


JavaScript logo in shape of orange cube

Modern web development is all about JavaScript. It is fast, easy, and popular among developers. There is no shortage of skilled individuals who can pick up and continue the project, which can be one of the main concerns with other technologies. The JS ecosystem changes rapidly, but the basic technology has been here for more than 20 years. This is exactly how long some of us at Fermicoding have been coding in it. From before jQuery, when it was necessary to write one application for each web… Read more


React Native atomic logo made of blue ecliptic loops

When everyone has an App idea, there are many companies that can build you one, but fewer that can do it right. So technically, what makes a good App? Speed, small size, resource consumption, good UI and UX, and from the owner's point of view, low cost of development. React Native has lately become the technology choice for building Apps, because it promises the low cost of development since it covers both iOS and Android phones with one code base for the most part while being almost… Read more


Shopify logo, green shopping bag

For anyone who owns a Shopify store, it is clear that you can only do so much to distinguish yourself from the competition on the same platform. One of those things is the attractiveness of the design and user experience that gets you more conversions. To that effect, we are offering the development of unique custom Shopify themes, so that your e-commerce platform shines, not only with its beauty, but with a functional cross-browser, multi-device and responsive user interface. The other… Read more


Purple Blockchain logo

A quick recap: Bitcoin, the world's first cryptocurrency is a protocol structured as chained blocks, described as a ledger, running on a peer-to-peer network. The technology Bitcoin proposed came to be known as Blockchain technology, and it provides a way for decentralized, trustless cooperation. The Ethereum network takes this concept and gives it the ability to be programmed through the way of smart contracts. Fermicoding is a development company specialized in Ethereum smart contract… Read more

Web applications

Illustration of Web app schematics and development phases

We can help you turn your idea into reality. From the Process, Database, and Application design UML diagrams, to full implementation and publishing.


Illustration of search bar with letters http inside

Whether you need a small personal Website, a corporate or institutional Web portal with an integrated Information system, we can specifically tailor complete affordable unique high-end solutions that will best serve your needs and present your agenda to your target audience.


Graphic with computer monitor, shopping cart, credit card and shopping bag

Specifically tailored Online Shop can help you differentiate your business from the competition. Unlike with off-the-shelf solutions, you will be able to customize every detail to better suit your and your customers` needs, and therefore it will make it easier for people to buy your products and pay for your services. We currently develop Shopify themes and modules, as well as deploy Drupal Commerce.

Social Networks

Dozen most popular social networks logos interconnected with dotted lines

A custom-built Social Network could be a competitive advantage if an experienced group of dedicated professionals translates your idea into code and graphics and along the way provide you with useful advice. So, if you need a Social Network, let's talk. We’ve built and maintained a couple, maybe we can help.

Database Design

Data base surrounded with avatars of its characteristics, functions and tasks required to build one

Any business produces a lot of data, but before it can be used it needs to be structured the right way. We will recognize patterns and normalize data forms.

Event Ticketing Systems

Graphic of two tickets

Customized and reliable systems for ticket selling, entrance control, and attendance recording can make the organization of events much easier. Our experience with large music festivals makes us veterans when it comes to Event ticketing systems development. After we develop a ticketing system that matches your needs, we continue to provide tech support and additional upgrades and customization if necessary.

Facebook and Twitter apps

Facebook and twitter logos next to each other

Facebook and Twitter Apps are innovative solutions that help business growth by bringing Social Network members to your Website. They range from visual upgrades to more effective solutions that can improve existing platforms by making communication with potential customers easier and quicker. We can incorporate these apps into your Website, or make the two communicate in some other way which will increase the visibility of your business on the Internet.

Blogs, Forums, Chats

Three chat balloons in red, green and blue color

With life and the Internet changing rapidly, we all have witnessed spectacular innovations during our lifetime. Content that`s multiplying at an incredible rate, funnels diversifying and almost every person having their say. Some things, however, stayed the same and managed to keep their original appeal. Still being able to draw attention, Blog, Forum, and Chat can improve Websites, not only in terms of presentation and communication but also as powerful SEO tools.