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Fermicoding is a Drupal development company specialized in creating high complexity applications. We are open to small and simple projects as well. We use agile methodology in our development process, which lets us manage the project more efficiently and to fill you in on how it is progressing... Read more


Mobile development

When everyone has an App idea, there are many companies that can build you one, but fewer that can do it right. So technically, what makes a good App? Speed, small size, resource consumption, good UI and UX, and from the owner's point of view, low cost of development. React Native has... Read more



For anyone who owns a Shopify store it is clear that you can only do so much to distinguish yourself from the competition on the same platform. One of those things is the attractivness of the design and user experience that get you more conversions. To that effect, we are offering the... Read more



A quick recap: Bitcoin, the worlds first cryptocurrency is a protocol structured as chained blocks, discribed as a ledger, running on a peer to peer network. The technology Bitcoin proposed came to be known as blockchain technology, and it provides a way for decentralised, trustless cooperation... Read more

Web applications

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We can help you make your app idea into reality. From process, database and application design UML diagrams, to full implementation and publishing.

Web sites

Whether you need a small personal website, or a corporate or institutional web portal with an integrated Information system, we can specifically tailor complete affordable unique hi end solutions which will best serve your needs and present your agenda to your target audience.


Making it easier for people to pay for your services. We currently develop Shopify themes and modules, as well as deploy Ubercart and Drupal Commerce.

Social Networks

If you need a community, we’ve built and maintained a couple, so maybe we can help.

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