Tell us about your project

When everyone has an App idea, there are many companies that can build you one, but fewer that can do it right. So technically, what makes a good App? Speed, small size, resource consumption, good UI and UX, and from the owner's point of view, low cost of development. React Native has lately become the technology choice for building Apps, because it promises the low cost of development since it covers both iOS and Android phones with one code base for the most part while being almost indistinguishable from the Native apps performance-wise, both with UX and speed. It is not a new hybrid App technology, but a framework that lets us do native development, using JavaScript and React. As for good UX/UI, there is our designer who specializes in these things within a Mobile domain.

Cordova development

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Hybrid Apps are on the way out, but existing Apps sometimes need a feature added, or a bug removed. Before React Native, we heavily used Cordova, and can still help in this area if somebody needs it.

Integrating Apps with 3rd party systems

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Would you like to integrate payments into your App? Send push notifications, communicate with your own Website, or just get data from an external source, we can make it happen.

App maintenance

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Software is ever-changing. So if you have an App and it works today, tomorrow, the 3rd party APIs might change, the payment provider might change their policy, the phone OS might upgrade and depreciate a resource used by the App. Not to mention that bugs found need fixing. We provide a service that would take care of all of that.

App optimization

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If your App is too slow, if it drains the battery, if it is too large, maybe something can be done. A small rewrite in a strategic place could give your App a boost.

React Native development

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All our Apps are developed using React Native usually in combination with Firebase and various provided or custom built native components.